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The Department of Planning and Community Development is responsible for zoning and development ordinances.

Our future

In 2018, after 18 months of gathering community input, the City of Corinth adopted the Envision Corinth 2040 plan. The plan establishes a broad and inspiring vision of Corinth's future and serves as a guide for development decisions. The City also adopted a new land development code in 2022 which will further our mission to ensure long term growth, improvements, and beautification.

Envision Corinth 2040

View the complete Envision Corinth 2040 plan.

Development Code

View the current Land Development Code.

Zoning Map

View the current zoning map.

Code Enforcement.

The code enforcement officer is responsible for the maintenance of properties, control of plant growth and debris, animal restrictions, and land use. They are also responsible for the sign ordinance and street lighting. Questions and concerns in these areas should be directed to the code enforcement officer.

Kim Ratliff

Code Enforcement Officer


Building Inspections.

Corinth is a member of the International Building Codes Council and has adopted the 2006 International Building Code and 2006 International Residential Code. Construction projects that are started without a permit may be subject to penalties and/or the removal of work that has already been completed. All persons considering construction or remodeling projects should contact the building inspector to find out whether or not a permit will be required for their project and what restrictions they might have to comply with.

Greg Tyson

Building Inspector


Flood Plain Administrator.

Melissa Powers

Flood Plains Administrator

Zoning and Permits Specialist


Community Development.

Don Williams

Community Planning and Development Director


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